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Monthly Union meetings are held the 3rd Monday of the month at your Union Hall located at 4005 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32805.  The meetings alternate from Daytime meetings starting at 9:00am to Nighttime meetings starting at 7:00pm.

2023 Calendar

January 23rd 7:00pm

February 20th 9:00am

March 20th 7:00pm

April 17th 9:00am

May 15th 7:00pm

June 19th 9:00am

July 17th 7:00pm

August 21st 9:00am

September 18th 7:00pm

October 16th 9:00am

November 20th 7:00pm (Nominations for Office)

December 18th 9:00am (Elections)

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On February 21, 2019 the IAFF Executive Board approved the request made from your Local to declare Fitch & Associates, LLC of Platte City, Missouri as a rival to the IAFF.

Fitch & Associates, LLC of Platte City, Missouri is now deemed, effective February 21, 2019, as a rival organization pursuant to Article XV, Section 2 of the IAFF Constitution and By-Laws.  In conjunction with this, Fitch & Associates, LLC will be added to the rival organization list on the IAFF.ORG website.

The long awaited report from the Police Foundation about the response to the Pulse incident has just been released