Lieutenant Promotional Exam candidates:
Congratulations! You have successfully passed the 2018 OFD Lieutenant’s Promotional Exam. Attached are the final cumulative scores in rank order for the promotional process. Your final standardized score for the entire process is located in Column J under the column entitled, “Final Score”. The final standardized passing point for the process was 57.77%.
Your Assessment Center raw score is located in Column G under the column entitled, “AC”. The Assessment Center is scored on a scale from 0 to 100 points.
As discussed in the orientation handout distributed to all candidates, all scores were standardized and multiplied by the weights listed below to arrive at a candidate’s final standardized score. Candidates also received Seniority Points (Column I) based on the formula described in Article 46.11 of the union contract.
A.  Written Exam = 33.33%
B.  Emergency Incident Command Exam = 33.33%
C.  Assessment Center = 33.33%
Candidates will be sent an individualized scoring matrix to include a breakdown of their Assessment Center scores along with feedback reports for each Assessment Center exercise via email as soon as possible. Candidates will also receive either written or verbal feedback on their Emergency Incident Command Exam within 45 calendar days of the certification of the new promotional list.
The new Lieutenant’s Promotional Eligibility List is scheduled to be certified at the upcoming Civil Service Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 28th at 6:00 pm. The meeting will take place in Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall. An online meeting agenda can be viewed at the link below beginning the afternoon of Wednesday, November 21st. Please contact either myself or Krystal Dawkins (X 3286) if you have any questions. Thank you for your participation and patience throughout the promotional process.
Lieutenant Candidate List Test Score
Massot, Nicholas 92.11
Ferreira, Raphael 91.75
Reed, Nicholas 89.56
Angelotti, Edward 86.74
Standish, Joseph 85.56
Nagle, Robert 82.85
McGraw, William 82.59
Hair, Frank 80.6
Love, James 80.42
Tyler, Derek 79.63
Bishop, Ryan 79.45
Reigl, Marc 78.68
Shanks, Bradley 78.51
Rodriguez, Hector 77.73
Reynolds, Travis 76.57
Martella, Anthony 76.42
Searcy, William 75.65
Corby, Dustin 75.29
Polock, Jackie 74.67
Cronin, Sean 73.13
Lowry, Ty 72.34
Powell, Gregory 72.28
Woodbrey, Victor 71.49
Ingargiola, Nicholas 70.66