2020 Annual Vacation / FRDO Selections
  • You MUST schedule at a minimum 48hrs of Vacation for the following calendar year. Personnel will be limited to 8 consecutive shifts “Off Duty” per selection.
  • Days selection MUST BE CONSECUTIVE IN EVERY ROUND and can use a K-Day to bridge the days.
  • Part of your selection process will be selecting ALL DAYS or ANY DAYS.
    • DEFINITION of ALL DAYS. When selecting this option, if 1 (one) of the days is NOT available NONE of your selected days in that round will be entered and the Vacation Coordinator will move to your 2nd Round of vacation selections.
    • DEFINITION of ANY DAYS.   When selecting this option, if 1 (one) or more of the days has no openings you will be placed on the “Standby List”, and the remainder of the open days will be entered as you requested.

Article 24 Vacations Contract Language

1st Round Selections (Must Select at minimum 48hrs)
2nd Round Selections
3rd Round Selections